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Earl Weaver Baseball™ Unofficial Support Site



EWB Compatible Stats

These zipped stats files are free to download (they range from 15K to 40K in size). After each file name is a description of which format the stats are in.  If you have some stats that you have entered and would like to make available to other players, please email us at

Old Timers In EWB II format
AL Greats* In EWB II format
NL Greats* In EWB II format
AL Greats* In EWB 1.1/1.5 format.  To use with Amiga versions, rename Players.dat file to Players.s
NL Greats* In EWB 1.1/1.5 format.  To use with Amiga versions, rename Players.dat file to Players.s

* Thanks to Rick Teverbaugh for  providing these stats at no charge.

User Supplied Stats - These stats are provided by users of EWB and/or igiBall baseball products.  They are provided here only as a convenience to other users.  Dombrower Corporation makes no warranty as to the quality of the stats OR any copyright or trademark clearances which are the responsibilities of the providers..

1941 League

In EWB II format. Thanks to Keith Jefferson and Jay Wigley

1964 League

In EWB II format. Thanks to Jay Wigley


EWB Compatible Utilities

These files were created to provide compatibility between EWB formatted stats and other formats. igiBall will import stats in EWB II format and/or CSV format.

Converts files in EWB 1.0/1.5 format to EWB II format.  DOS program, about 23K bytes... Unzip this file into a directory with the the old formatted stats.  Perfunctory documentation as well as two required data files are included in this 16K byte zip file.

EWB Unofficial Support Site FAQ

Q: Are any of the EWB products available for sale or distribution?

A: No.  Electronic Arts'   deal to distribute EWB products has concluded.  Eddie Dombrower owns all the copyrights in the code and data that went into creating the EWB game engines and is currently developing new products based on this software and data.  Earl Weaver's permission to allow Electronic Arts to use his name and likeness in products has also expired and so there is currently no way to distribute the Earl Weaver Baseball products.

Q: So, why can you distribute the stats disks and other EWB utilities?

A: As long as we do not use Earl Weaver's name and likeness, the Dombrower Corporation has been granted the rights to distribute products, code, and data owned by Eddie Dombrower. 

Q: Why did Eddie stop working on baseball games/leave the computer games business?

A: After working on baseball games for 10 years (2 at Mattel, and 8 creating EWB), he had a desire to work on other types of products. Eddie designed one more baseball game for Electronic Arts to program internally based on the EWB engine.  With the working title "Baseball '93," for unknown reasons, this title was never produced.   Eddie also consulted on the product "Baseball Live" for Electronic Arts with BitWise software to use the EWB engine and EWB II graphics to play back MLB games in progress using the Internet (pre-web) to supply game data (from Stats Inc.) with a 15 minute lag time.  In this way, users could log on and "watch" a game from anywhere in the country. There was actually had a working prototype of this functioning quite well before the project mysteriously shut down.

After these two experiences, Eddie decided to move on and took a job with Activision where he produced Return to Zork and became the executive producer for Activision's "Interactive Stories" (i.e. adventure games) group.  In 1994, Eddie joined the Jim Henson Company to help envision and start an interactive effort with the Muppets and other Henson properties. Since then, Eddie helped create "convergence" properties including "Kindle Park" which can be found at Currently he is an executive at E*TRADE Financial managing many of the in-house creative and product design teams.

Q: Is there ever going to be a sequel to Earl Weaver Baseball?

A: Not technically BUT, I Got It Baseball (or igiBall) is Eddie's latest project and is based extensively on the EWB game engines.  The Dombrower Corporation is the exclusive distributor for this shareware baseball simulator/fantasy game.   igiBall can be downloaded at


Contact Eddie Dombrower

Please feel free to email Eddie Dombrower with your comments, questions, and requests at